Built to Last OGV Deer Feeders

Are you tired of cheap, flimsy over-priced store bought feeders? Nolan Outdoors Built-to-Last Obvious Greater Value (OGV) Deer Feeders will stand up to abuse by hogs, cows and even black bear. Our quad-pod (4 legs) feeders use 1" schedule 40 steel pipe for legs with 2x2 angle iron for the frame and a used, food grade, 55-gal steel barrel.


NolanOutdoors’ has joined forces will Foreverlast to offer our Built To Last Feeders with Foreverlast’s Digital Timer Controllers. The package unit will include our supper strong all-welded steel feeder with a powerful 12-volt broadcast spinner designed to provide years of maximum performance. Foreverlast’s galvanized housing and hardware feature a hinge & lockable door providing unmatched durability and longevity. Each unit is equipped with a “gated” spinner plate that minimizes wasted of feed from wind, rain, and varmints. The proven, reliable and easy to adjust Foreverlast timer allows you to adjust feed flow in just seconds.

The Built to Last Feeder Obvious Greater Value (OGV)combined with the Foreverlast control unit is only $350 (without control unit $250) and will provide years of reliable service. 


Email rick@nolanoutdoors.com with questions or to place an order. Feeders can be picked up in Blanchard, OK.

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