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Rick Nolan, call maker and artisan, is Texas born and now lives in Blanchard, Oklahoma with his wife Marilyn. Rick was first drawn to turkey hunting for the opportunities to interact with the bird. Using a well-made turkey call allows hunters to “talk” with the bird, in effect, “talking” him into coming to you. Nothing is more rewarding in the hunting world than having a conversation with your game animal of choice. Rick’s custom turkey calls provide you the opportunity to become a “turkey whisper”.


Each of Rick’s calls is a unique, handmade and heirloom quality piece. All of his calls are works of art, individual turned and finished to provide years of memorable and successful hunts.


Rick is as passionate about securing the future of hunting opportunities for the next generation and beyond as he is about making game calls. A staunch supporter of the NWTF Rick serves tirelessly in the Tri-City Sportsmen NWTF and he serves on the Oklahoma NWTF State Board as Treasurer.


Welcome to Nolan Outdoors. Understanding the desires and needs of today’s hunter, Rick Nolan, owner of Nolan Outdoors and OGV Built-to-Last Deer Feeders and custom game calls. An avid hunter, Rick is active in the hunting sports at many levels. Serving on the field staff of Black Eagle Arrows, Covert Hunting, Grim Reaper broadheads, and Ridge Road Outdoors where Rick has the opportunity to use and promote the best products in the industry.


To many, hunting is a passive sport. To Rick, hunting becomes an interactive sport when you introduce a game call. Discovering years ago the enjoyment of calling a turkey or a coyote to the call, he incorporated a method used my many experienced deer hunters; calling whitetails with a grunt or bleat call.

Rick's handcrafted calls are now just a click away in the Nolan Outdoors store. If you have any questions about using or ordering one of Rick’s custom calls,please email him at

Thanks for stopping by and Rick looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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